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The Cross Country Heathcare Workforce Trending Now speaks to the latest BLS monthly job numbers, providing additional insight into the latest economic indicators and workforce trends, complemented by charts and graphs. View our most current report and access our archive of past economic reports as we share insight into the ever-changing economic dynamics of the healthcare industry.

Employment Explodes In December With 312,000 Jobs Added; Unemployment Rate Up Slightly To 3.9%
January 2019

Economy Adds 155,000 Jobs In November; Unemployment Rate Unchanged At 3.7%
December 2018

Economy Adds 250,000 Jobs In October; Unemployment Rate Unchanged At 3.7%

November 2018

Economy Adds 134,000 Jobs In September; Unemployment Rate Drops To New Low Of 3.7%
October 2018

Strong Employment Report Adds 201,000 Jobs In August; Unemployment Rate Unchanged at 3.9%
September 2018

Employers Add 157,000 Jobs In July; Unemployment Rate Falls To 3.9%
August 2018

Employers add 213,000 Jobs In June; Unemployment Ticks Up Slightly To 4%
July 2018

Employers Added 223,000 Jobs In May; Unemployment Rate At 18-Year Low
June 2018

Employers Add 164,000 Jobs In April; Unemployment Rate falls to 3.9%
May 2018

Employers Add 103,000 Jobs In March; Unemployment Rate At 4.1% For Sixth Consecutive Month
April 2018

Exceptional February Jobs Report: 313,000 Jobs Added, Unemployment Unchanged At 4.1%
March 2018

Employers Add 200,000 Jobs In January; Unemployment Rate Holds Steady At 4.1%
February 2018

Employers Add 148,000 Jobs In December; Unemployment Rate Unchanged At 4.1%
January 2018

Employers Hire 228,000 Workers In November, Unemployment Holds At 4.1%
December 2017

Employers Add 261,000 Jobs In October, Unemployment Down Another Notch To 4.1%
November 2017

Hurricanes Stall Job Growth In September; Unemployment Rate Drops Further To 4.2%
October 2017

Employers add 156,000 jobs in August;Unemployment rate up slightly to 4.4%
September 2017

Windfall of 209,000 jobs added in July; Unemployment rate at 16-year low
August 2017

Employment Surge Adds 222,000 Jobs In June; Unemployment Rate Flat At 4.4%
July 2017

138,000 Jobs Added In May; 4.3% Unemployment Rate At 16-Year Low
June 2017

Job Creation Rebounds In April With 211,000 Jobs Added; Unemployment Down To 4.4%
May 2017

March unemployment rate lowest since 2007 at 4.5%, job gains tepid at 98,000
April 2017

Employers add 235,000 jobs in February; Unemployment rate down slightly at 4.7%
March 2017

Employers add 227,000 jobs in January; Unemployment saw little change at 4.8%
February 2017

Employers add 156,000 jobs in December; Wage increase highest since great recession; Unemployment up slightly at 4.7%
January 2017

Employers add 161,000 jobs in October; unemployment flat at 4.9%
November 2016

Employers added 156,000 jobs in September, less than the 172,000 predicted by economists.
October 2016

Employers add 151,000 jobs in August; unemployment holds steady at 4.9%
September 2016

Employment report exceeds analyst predictions again, adding 255,000 jobs in July; unemployment unchanged at 4.9%
August 2016

Job creation rallies with employers adding 287,000 jobs in June; unemployment up slightly to 4.9%
July 2016

Job creation drops sharply with 38,000 jobs added in May; unemployment rate falls even further to 4.7%
June 2016

Job market holds steady with 160,000 jobs added in April, unemployment remains low at 5%.
May 2016

Job market remains strong, adding 215,000 jobs in March; Unemployment unchanged at 5%.
April 2016

Job growth reduces pace in January with 151,000 jobs added; unemployment rate remains at historical low of 4.9%
February 2016

Job growth in 2015 ends on high note with 292,000 jobs added in December; more than 2.5 million jobs created in 2015, solidifying strength of economy
January 2016

November job growth solid, gaining 211,000 jobs; unemployment rate remains flat at 5%
December 2015

Sizzling job market boasts largest gains of the year; unemployment rate at 7-year low
November 201

September job gains slow, creating 142,000 jobs; unemployment remains flat at 5.1%
October 2015

Employment posts solid midsummer gains, adding 215,000 jobs in July; unemployment remains unchanged at 5.3%
August 2015

The labor market adds 223,000 jobs in June; unemployment at 5.3%
July 2015

The labor market strengthened in spring by adding 280,000 jobs in May.
June 2015

Healthcare generates 45,000 jobs in April, over 390,000 in last year
May 2015

U.S. economy shows mixed results in March, adds 126,000 jobs
April 2015

U.S. economy shows strong gains in February, adding 295,000 jobs.
March 2015

U.S. economy gains 257,000 in January; hiring in the final two months of 2014 stronger than previously reported
February 2015

U.S. economy ends 2014 on a strong note
January 2015

Economy shows strong job growth, adding 321,000 jobs in november; Healthcare contributes 28,900 jobs
December 2014

Econmony continues to grow; Healthcare adds 24,500 jobs
November 2014

Healthcare adds 22,600 jobs to the economy; July and August total jobs revised upward
October 2014

Healthcare job creation remains strong in August despite relatively low overall job gains
September 2014

U.S. job market still strong as healthcare sees continued growth in Ambulatory Care
August 2014

Healthcare employment trending in a positive direction as new jobs are added and demand continues to grow.
July 2014