Workforce Solutions

Workforce Solutions

In today’s complex healthcare landscape comprised of an aging population, ever-tightening financial constraints and value-based reimbursements that favor illness prevention over treatment, healthcare facilities must have a clear and effective plan to create a sustainable business model amidst an ongoing shortage of skilled labor.

Cross Country Healthcare is an industry leader in providing cost-effective labor management of core and contract staff. We strategically address the specific financial and operating inefficiencies of the clients we serve. Our results have helped increase the quality of care at the bedside, while reducing our clients' labor costs.

Our executive team of healthcare clinicians, staffing pioneers and IT professionals has spent the past two decades perfecting a suite of solutions that provide demonstrable results for thousands of healthcare facility clients nationwide.

  • Managed Services Programs (MSP): Centralized management of an organization’s contract labor, while providing a centralized point of contact for vendor management, service level agreements and other operational facets.
  • Internal Resource Pool (IRP) Consulting & Development: We develop the strategy, planning and implementation, along with proactive management of a Central Staffing Office (CSO) with multi-unit or multi-campus float capability of a healthcare professional pool.
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Transition Staffing: Application of a proven and sound implementation and transition designed to address volume-staffing needs during the time of EMR deployment for optimized, effective, quality staffing to cover peak vacancies.
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO): An extension of your organization that provides a spectrum of recruitment solutions designed to improve efficiencies, promote you as an employer of choice, increase core staff, all while reducing dependency on contract labor.
  • Optimal Workforce Solutions (OWS): Management of non-core support staff including paraprofessionals, patient care associates, sitters/observation, patient transport, environmental, food and linen services, as well as case management RNs, ensuring all positions are scheduled and filled in the most cost-effective and efficient means.
  • Consulting Services: Our industry leading experts engage in a consultative partnership to customize solutions for your workforce challenges. Through a comprehensive assessment and analysis of your current state, we are able to utilize a number of talent assessments, tools, planning and deliverables that evolve your workforce ecosystem.

Proven Industry Leadership

  • A proven supply of quality healthcare providers through robust network of supplier partners
  • Over 20 years of MSP experience, first in the healthcare industry
  • Optimal pricing options (e.g., mark-up model in addition to fixed bill rate model)
  • Cutting-edge Vendor Management System (VMS) technology options, designed for your situation and needs
  • Flexible financial model that address your unique needs
  • 80+ MSP programs serving more than 3,100 acute care facilities, ambulatory care centers and other specialized healthcare facilities
  • Strongest credentialing and compliance services in the industry
  • Infusion of technologies to optimize overall candidate and hiring manager experience
  • Staff satisfaction guarantees with fill rate commitments
  • 10 years of EMR staffing experience
  • Supporting your needs with the largest national footprint, including 65+ office locations
  • Clinical Interview Services (IVS) to facilitate quick profile turnaround by hiring managers
  • Utilization of Joint Commission certified vendor partners

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"I love working with Cross Country! I have been able to learn so much and I always get help when needed." - Karen Sr. Recruiter