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Looking to improve patient safety and manage costs?

Patient falls continue to be a leading cause of preventable injury in U.S. hospitals, prompting many facilities to implement fall prevention safety interventions including assigning sitters to observe patients around the clock. The costs of patient sitting are unreimbursed and unbudgeted, having a substantial impact on a hospital’s bottom line. How substantial?

A 900-bed hospital could see a $3 million annual unbudgeted expense for human patient sitters alone.

An alternative to in-room sitters can solve both patient safety and cost challenges – the use of telehealth technology and virtual sitters.

U.S. acute care hospitals can spend more than $1 million annually on sitters, and indications suggest this cost is increasing. To learn more about the Cross Country Healthcare and Wachter Healthcare Solution for E-Sitters and how it can help you manage expense and improve patient safety, contact us today.

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