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We Asked Nurses Why They Felt Burnt Out. This is What They Told Us.

Cross Country Healthcare recently asked nurses to complete a survey that asked one simple question: What do you believe to be the leading cause of nurse burnout? Hundreds of nurses were happy to provide some very frank answers about what stresses them out most at work. Staffing shortages, which lead to nurses feeling overwhelmed and overworked, was by far the most reported cause of burnout. Nurses also spoke out about nurse-patient ratios they find unsustainable, as many patients today have multiple chronic conditions which require more care and attention than ever before. Many nurses are concerned that patient satisfaction trumps patient safety in today’s healthcare landscape. They find the emphasis on customer service difficult to manage when they feel what little time they have for each patient should be spent on healthcare services. Additionally, many nurses feel they don’t receive necessary support from management or their nurse coworkers, particularly recent graduates who lack the experience of the tenured nurses they are hired to replace.

Survey Results: Top 12 Leading Causes of Nurse Burnout

It is ironic that staffing shortages are the number one reason nurses gave for feeling stressed out at work, considering burnout is a leading contributor to staffing shortages. Workplace stress can lead to sick days, decreased work production, and has even been cited by multiple nurses as the reason they quit or changed jobs, or even left nursing altogether at least temporarily.

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