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Managed Services Programs

Labor represents more than $500 billion of hospital costs and over 60 percent of overhead. For reasons like these, Cross Country Workforce Solutions has been helping healthcare facility clients realize cost savings and process efficiencies through a Managed Services Program (MSP). For nearly two decades, we’ve helped our clients evolve their contingent workforce solutions by bringing best practices that deliver solutions for today while also creating scalability to support your needs of tomorrow.

Workforce Challenges Hospitals Face:

  • Increasing Contingent Labor Costs
  • Decentralized Staffing and Accountability
  • High Vacancy Rates
  • High Overtime Pay Costs
  • Agency Rates and Scheduling Disparity
  • Disjointed Staff Planning
  • Employee Turnover Due to Dissatisfaction with Staffing Ratios

Our MSP Solutions:

Cross Country provides opportunities for real cost savings, process improvement and quality enhancements by offering the following services.


  • Best practices creates efficiencies, standardization and optimization
  • Flexible financial model designed to address rapidly changing labor costs including potentially decreasing rates as local labor markets soften
  • Active roadmaps to evolve overall program over time


  • Technology offering transparency   
  • Successful agnostic partnerships with preeminent 3rd party managed services technologies   
  • Ability to integrate any platform that will work with current hospital technology   
  • Proven Internal Resources Pool technology to reduce outside agency utilization


  • Over 400 supplier partners with wide access to talent
  • Dedicated sister brands in travel, per diem and locum tenens staffing
  • Infusion of technology to optimize lifecycle of all candidates for speed and quality


  • Cross Country Healthcare is the only staffing firm with a corporate university   
  • ANCC-accredited university for continuing education (CE) credits   
  • First in the industry to create a Learning Management System (LMS)

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