Internal Resource Pool

Internal Resource Pool

Cross Country Workforce Solutions understands that filling core staff vacancies with temporary clinicians is not always cost-effective or financially possible. As a result, we offer healthcare facilities and hospitals our Internal Resource Pool (IRP) solution.

Our IRP solution allows you to improve coverage while reducing premium labor costs. We can help with the design, build out and management of a new IRP or optimize an existing IRP. A resource pool is typically set up in conjunction with a Central Staffing Office (CSO) and can service one hospital or an entire health system. Development of an IRP ensures that your supplemental staffing needs are first filled through resource pool staff (usually new employees of the health system) before utilizing other options, such as agency or overtime. In addition, control of IRP staff recruiting and management ensures better staff quality and improved coverage, as well as an opportunity to standardize orientation and other staffing processes across the health system.

Elements of our IRP Solution:

  • Opportunity assessment to review current staffing operations and quantify benefits as well as identify risks with IRP deployment
  • Development of a detailed operational plan for successful execution of IRP
  • Facilitate implementation of the operational plan and set up of the IRP
  • Oversee ongoing management of the IRP

Our IRP Planning Includes:

  • Identifying total ROI opportunity for health system
  • Setting up an appropriate governance structure
  • “Optimal” compensation packet for the current float pool staff as well as to attract additional staff
  • Dynamic sourcing strategy, recruitment plan and marketing
  • Change management to ensure full adoption and maximizing usage
  • Technology solution providing visibility into facility staffing practices and improving efficiency in key functional areas
  • Identify best practices to successfully manage in-house pool operations related to staffing policies and procedures, centralization, cost allocations, communications and tracking
  • Assessment of current supplemental staffing needs
  • Defining optimal procedures, work utilization and shift/scheduling process
  • Defining department and skill mix for optimal levels of IRP support
  • Developing budgets and improvement metric targets
  • Define success metric and perform analytics to determine baseline and target values
  • Reporting success metrics to measure progress and suggest any needed improvements

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