Cross Country Healthcare

Cross Country Healthcare: Our Core Values

At Cross Country Healthcare, there are key principles that we hold close to us in the work we do every day. These are the beliefs that we live by and try not to deviate from no matter what the circumstances. By committing to our Core Values, across all brands and businesses, we come together and represent ONE Company.

Give and Earn Respect

"Our word is our bond, so our values insure that honesty and integrity drive our actions. Striving to adhere to this strong moral compass allows us to give respect. Hopefully, in return we then receive respect."
- Randy Kellis

Actively Advocate

"These two words symbolize what a true Human Resources professional strives to do each day as we practice our HR discipline. Our primary objective is to actively advocate for our clients, colleagues, and candidates in all aspect of the employment lifecycle. Advocacy comes in may forms, including providing our business leaders with strategic guidance, spending time with our colleagues assisting them with career guidance, and advocating for a new team member to join our growing family of brands."
- Colin McDonald

Lead with Integrity

"Leading with integrity instills trust and loyalty in each and every stakeholder. Working with honesty, compassion, and commitment inspires trust and teamwork."
- Nora Breskin

Dare to Care

"I try to place nurses who I would want to care for my own family - kind, compassionate, and clinically excellent… because to me it's personal, I care."
- Dijana Lesh

Excel with quality service

"Delivering superior healthcare providers, responsive communication and unsurpassed customer service."
- Karen Drake

Seize the experience

"Grab ahold and run with it, don’t let an opportunity become a missed opportunity."
- Jose Salmeron

Aim to Inspire

"I am committed to inspire my team daily so they can achieve their full potential."
- Anita Vitallo

Stay Invested

"Remain engaged and enthusiastic! Never stop learning and never stop growing!"
- Darneley Zamor