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COVID-19 and Seasonal Flu: Planning for a Potential Perfect Storm

Hero Blog Perfect Strom

As a trusted healthcare staffing partner to health systems and facilities around the country, Cross Country Healthcare has conducted a recent survey of healthcare executives to uncover strategies to prepare for such an event.

How COVID-19 is Optimizing Healthcare Communications

Healthcare Communications

Having shed light on several weaknesses of the U.S. health care system, the COVID-19 pandemic has also presented an opportunity to optimize and alter fundamental aspects that have been challenging for years.

Navigating the Changing Issues of Price Transparency in Healthcare

Price Transparency

Well before the COVID-19 pandemic added even more challenges to the healthcare industry, a political debate was well underway regarding the delivery of patient care in the future – namely, the role of insurers, patient responsibilities

Turning Crisis Into Innovation

Hero blog Crisis Into Innovation

In the midst of any crisis, one of the best ways to cope is to seek out any silver linings in order to remain positive and optimistic for the future.

The Ongoing Financial Impacts of COVID

Hero blog Financial impact of covid

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has left little unchanged in its wake. Nearly every aspect of our daily lives has been altered, the economy has been dealt with many blows, and Americans' well-being and livelihood are at risk.

Hank Drummond Joins Editorial Board of International Journal of Nursing Sciences and Clinical Practices

Hero blog hank join INJSCP

We are proud to announce that our very own Hank Drummond, PhD, RN, Senior Vice President/Chief Clinical Officer at Cross Country Healthcare, was recently asked to join the editorial board of the International Journal of Nursing Sciences and Clinical Pract

Credentialing: Is it Time for a New Normal?

Hero Blog Credentialing New Normal

Healthcare executives in charge of staffing know all too well the challenges that have traditionally characterized the medical credentialing process.

Why CNAs are Hard to Staff and the Questions Facilities Should Ask to Find Them.

Hero blog CNAs

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic emerged, certified nursing aides (CNAs) were in short supply across the United States.

How Are Frontline Healthcare Workers Coping in the Wake of COVID-19?

Frontlines Healthworkers

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began and cases accelerated across the United States, frontline workers have found themselves in positions that they frankly never though they would experience as healthcare workers.

Cross Country Healthcare Hosts Webinar Addressing Compassion Fatigue Amid COVID-19


Cross Country Healthcare recently presented a webinar entitled COVID & Compassion Fatigue, cohosted by Cross Country Healthcare’s Chief Clinical Officer, Hank Drummond, and Florida Atlantic University (FAU) Dean of Nursing, Safiya George, PhD, FAANP.

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