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What Nurses Think Healthcare Should Look Like Post-Pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed nursing forever, with many nurses and those who advocate for them hoping the field will transform – using the unprecedented health crisis as a make-or-break moment to press for lasting change.

Cross Country Healthcare’s Clinical Team Honored with DAISY Team Award!

Daisy Award

Cross Country Healthcare is proud to announce that its clinical team, led by Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Hank Drummond, has been honored with a DAISY Team Award. The clinical team answered more than 13,000 calls from healthcare professionals to the company

Building Health Equity

Building Health Equity

At Cross Country Workforce Solutions Group (CCWSG), we are all too familiar with the disparities in health equity in specific communities due to race and ethnicity. Such inequalities were magnified as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cloth Mask or Surgical Mask? The Great Face Mask Debate

Hero blog Cloth Mask or Surgical Mask The Great Face Mask Debate

Healthcare professionals: what type of face mask should you be wearing outside of work? The great mask debate continues with a few new twists. In the meantime, here are various perspectives to help you make the decision that’s right for you.

State-based boundaries limit patient care available from nurses and physicians

Nurses and physicians

The COVID-19 pandemic has created excessive pressure on the country's healthcare system, with many facilities and patients impacted by staff shortages and caregiver burnout.

Using the Past to Guide the Future: Lessons Learned from the Pandemic


Cross Country Healthcare President and CEO Kevin Clark on how healthcare leaders and professionals can use lessons learned from the pandemic to move forward with intention.

Fortifying Your Culture of Care During COVID

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As the COVID pandemic continues, having a strong culture of care is more important than ever. Here are methods for building a culture of care within your organization with patients and families, providers and staff, and the greater community top of mind.

COVID-19 and Seasonal Flu: Preparing for a Potential Perfect Storm


Healthcare leaders are faced with difficult decisions heading into this flu season, which has been predicted to be a severe one.

Why Nurse Practitioners Can Be Your Secret Weapon During the Delta Surge

Secret Weapon During the Delta Surge

Nurse practitioners continue to play a critical role in the battle against COVID. From their extensive clinical skillsets to crisis management and leadership capabilities, here’s what makes NPs so valuable for healthcare organization.

Delta Variant-Related Surge Exacerbates Strain On Hospital Financial Recovery


The height of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic left little unchanged in its wake. However, for hospitals and the healthcare system, it brought significant challenges operationally, emotionally, and financially.

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