The Top Reasons For Using A Vendor Management System to Manage Staffing

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May 18, 2022 04:45 AM (GMT-04:00)

Staffing management in a robust healthcare system is complicated, time-consuming, and fraught with opportunities for mistakes or missteps. However, with staffing shortages and employee burnout at an all-time high, healthcare organizations need to streamline processes and increase workforce flexibility to position themselves for the future and ensure their survival.

A Vendor Management System (VMS) can provide an automated process to find, schedule and manage healthcare staff. Users receive valuable and meaningful data to make informed hiring decisions, allowing control of staffing via one centralized platform.

Cross Country Healthcare invested in a national study of senior healthcare leaders to inform its expertise in healthcare technology by gaining a pulse on the current state of VMSs in hospitals and healthcare facilities. In addition, we learned about the adoption, usage, strategic objectives, and challenges of VMSs in healthcare organizations and their role within the broader technology ecosystem. Forty percent of the respondents said they were currently using a VMS.

Systems deliver security and efficiencies

When asked what they liked most about their current VMS, the survey participants said security of data (57%), improved processes and efficiencies (49%), and reduced time to fill (38%) as the top three benefits.

What Do You Like Most About Your Current VMS?

Security of data 57%
Improved processes and efficiencies 49%
Reduced time to fill 38%
Complete workforce visibility 36%
Ability to make more informed and better business decisions 31%
Risk mitigation 31%
Credential compliance management 23%
Access to better quality talent 21%
Candidate tracking 21%
Lower recruitment and hiring costs 21%
Usable analytics/interactive dashboards 21%
Enhanced procurement cycle visibility 20%
Supplier performance management and consolidation 16%

The most common tasks completed with the survey participant's current VMS platforms included viewing activity (61%), processing reports (43%), and confirming candidates (41%). Other frequent tasks included viewing analytics/financial data, approving requisitions, approving invoices, entering requisitions, approving timecards, and reconciling invoices.

Helpful analytics make systems easier to use

A VMS can deliver a range of helpful and specific analytics that provide ease of use. Some of the most beneficial analytics cited by respondents included:

  • Custom reports
  • Data analytics
  • Invoicing/bill paying
  • Risk management
  • Usable data
  • Compliance
  • Costs
  • Data security

When asked what specific analytics participants would like from their systems that are not currently being delivered, they said they would like to see key performance indicators (31%), spend tracking (26%), and supplier scorecards (25%) as the top three areas of need.

Respondents cited the most important functions when working with a VMS were ease of use, followed by data security, access to qualified candidates, reporting, compliance, and tracking.

A robust, automated VMS will find, engage and manage the labor force, and provide the following seven benefits:

  1. Increase visibility and transparency of the workforce
  2. Improve organizational efficiency
  3. Reduce costs
  4. Ensure compliance
  5. Reduce risks
  6. Create flexibility
  7. Save time

To learn more, download the white paper by visiting LINK.

This national survey was conducted with 153 senior administrators, IT personnel and other roles responsible for the selection, implementation and/or use of a VMS system at large hospitals, clinics and other types of healthcare facilities that hire healthcare staff. The online interviews were conducted from December 14, 2021, to January 6, 2022, by Bredin, an independent market research company located in Boston, MA, using a National Web Panel.

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