“Systemness” and Your Workforce

Systemness and Your Workforce
Cross Country Healthcare
November 18, 2021 01:06 AM (GMT-05:00)

Achieving Staffing Alignment Across Healthcare Organizations

Systemness – defined as “the ability to implement cohesive system-oriented approaches” (HFMA) and “the capability to make decisions that are optimal for the organization as a whole” (AB) – is not a new concept in healthcare, but in the wake of lessons learned throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we find healthcare organizations with a renewed focus on embracing systemness to improve integration and consistency.

Applying Systemness

Healthcare organizations large and small can employ a systemness approach to align processes and integrate services across sites, divisions and departments. In relation to staffing, the approach can ensure workforce processes are in line with overall organizational needs, leading to cost savings, more critical now than ever due to the financial strain COVID has put on most organizations.

How Systemness Can Optimize Workforce Planning

Healthcare leaders are reexamining workforce issues and staffing functions through the lens of systemness to determine how they can integrate these processes within and across the whole. Specifically, leaders are looking to a systemness-driven approach to:

  • Develop a cohesive strategy for recruiting and interviewing that will both expand access to high-quality talent supply and enhance the candidate experience.
  • Apply system-wide best practices in vetting, credentialing, and hiring to uphold provider and staff quality, and improve patient safety.
  • Standardize onboarding processes and provide branded training so new hires are prepared and aligned with the organization’s identity and mission.
  • Make a universal commitment to supporting the well-being and mental health of providers and support staff.
  • Improve retention by offering comprehensive tools, services, and resources to enhance provider and staff satisfaction.
  • Develop and communicate an integrated approach to patient care and customer service to strengthen team members’ commitment to the organization’s vision and values.
  • Centralize workforce planning and create a flexible, active roadmap to navigate provider shortages, disjointed staff planning, and labor cost inefficiencies.
  • Synthesize data collection, analytics, and communication across the organization to ensure workforce decisions and processes are informed, effective, and efficient.
  • Realize cost savings by effectively implementing flexible staff solutions across the system, considering part-time, full-time, locums, temporary, and travel professionals.

While some leaders may have the resources to tackle these challenges in-house, many are finding that amidst other demands, particularly those posed by COVID, it makes sense to explore outsource workforce operations. The key to success, in this case, is to partner with a workforce solutions company that is committed to upholding your organization’s identity and systemness philosophy.

A staffing solutions partner dedicated to seamlessly aligning with your organization’s goals can help you deliver the safe, high-quality healthcare your patients rely upon and the cost-effective flexibility, efficiency, and scalability you need to navigate this evolving healthcare landscape. Contact us today.

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