Support for Your Surge Capacity Plans

Support for Your Surge Capacity Plans
Cross Country Healthcare
March 16, 2020 08:48 AM (GMT-05:00)

Healthcare providers on the front lines of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak face a particularly risky and challenging environment – long hours, changing protocols, potential medical supply shortages and above all, risks to their own personal health and that of their loved ones. In fact, during the early months of the 2003 SARS epidemic, 5% of doctors, 4% of nurses and 8% of healthcare assistants had contracted the disease.

Due to these and other factors, the availability of healthcare workers tends to decrease during pandemics. Consider the United States federal government estimates have found that at the height of the influenza pandemic, 40% of healthcare workers can be expected to be absent due to competing caregiving needs, illness, fear of contracting disease and the ongoing talent shortage in the industry.

Staffing Key to Surge Capacity Plans.

According to the National Academy of Medicine, staff shortages may be the primary challenge to implementing surge capacity plans during an epidemic. As healthcare facilities continue to prepare and plan for surge capacity and the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, unmet gaps in healthcare personnel as well as the predicted need for staff based on the anticipated scope and spread of the disease will need to be met.

Shifts will need to be balanced to avoid fatigue and burnout over the weeks or months of the epidemic while ensuring appropriate staffing levels. Nurse to patient ratios may need to be expanded or altered, just-in-time training may be required or allocating key personnel to the most pressing patient needs.

As we stand side by side our valued healthcare customers in addressing the COVID-19 outbreak, we are committed to helping you attain the staff you need to protect the care and health of patients and providers. This includes your potential need to consider broader and non-traditional staffing solutions to meet this unique situation.

Here in Your Time of Need.

Cross Country Healthcare is a leading healthcare staffing firm and trusted partner to thousands of working healthcare professionals as well as health systems and hospitals nationwide. We are here to support your needs with the largest national footprint, including 65+ office locations across the U.S.

As you look to meet the unique demands being placed on you due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we can deliver physicians, nurses and advanced practitioners in any capacity – from travel, per diem, locums, local short-term contracts to permanent positions.

Through our managed staffing programs, Cross Country Healthcare has approximately 300 aligned vendor partners nationally and locally. We are in constant, ongoing communications with them to gain commitments for candidate supply and prepare them for what is being projected for utilization.

As a total talent solutions provider, we are contractually aligned with a crisis staffing supplier as our strategic rapid response partner. In partnership with them, we can support large-scale, time-sensitive deployments in times of crisis, and are able to deploy various volumes of healthcare providers, secure housing, and provide transportation.

Our Range of On-Demand Staffing Support.

Contact us today for assistance with your crisis staffing needs.

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