Restaurants, Hotels, Airlines and Stores Offer Discounts for Healthcare Providers

Restaurants, Hotels, Airlines and Stores Offer Discounts for Healthcare Providers
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April 24, 2020 19:11 PM (GMT-04:00)
Restaurants, Hotels, Airlines and Stores Offer Discounts for Healthcare Providers
Healthcare providers are on the front lines in the battle against COVID-19, and individual people, communities and even corporations are all looking for ways to show them appreciation. Offering free food, drinks and other goods and services to healthcare workers is a trend that has been popular from the start of this crisis and continues to grow. Local news channels in cities nationwide have featured stories of local restaurants and other businesses surprising hospitals with dozens or even hundreds of hot meals for their employees. Additionally, many businesses large and small are advertising a variety of discounts and other offers available to healthcare providers during this crisis. Here are a few examples.
Free Food and Drinks for Healthcare Workers on the Front Lines of COVID-19
While a number of restaurants have closed their dining rooms to follow physical distancing guidelines, many of them are still open to serve food via carry out and delivery. White Castle, Krispy Kreme, Starbucks, Cumberland Farms, Sonic, Circle K, McDonald’s and more are offering free coffee, donuts, burgers and more to healthcare providers for a limited time, often through the end of the pandemic. Keep in mind that many chain establishments are local franchises and their offers may differ by location. Additionally, many local restaurants, coffee shops and smoothie stores are also offering bargains exclusively to healthcare workers. Check their social media pages, give them a call or visit them directly to learn more about their specific offers for healthcare providers.
Free Clothing and Shoes for Healthcare Providers Fighting COVID-19
A number of clothing, shoe and other fashion companies are also offering free or highly discounted items for healthcare providers. Brooks Shoes offered a free pair of sneakers to the first 10,000 healthcare workers who responded, but they were all claimed within days of the announcement. Crocs has launched a program called Sharing a Free Pair for Healthcare, which aims to offer 10,000 free pairs of shoes to healthcare workers every day. The popular scrubs company Figs announced it was donating 30,000 pairs of scrubs to healthcare workers. Pronovias Group, a bridal gown company, is letting healthcare worker brides-to-be select a free wedding dress from their Heroes Collection through August 31. Numerous local stores throughout the country are also offering free clothing and shoes, or discounts on their purchase. It never hurts to ask about any specific deals before you make a purchase.
Travel Related Discounts Available to Healthcare Workers Fighting COVID-19
Many nurses and other healthcare workers are taking COVID-19 travel opportunities to help fight the pandemic, and corporations are stepping up to make sure they get to and from assignments quickly and have comfortable living arrangements once they arrive. Delta Airlines is offering free flights to healthcare workers traveling to Georgia, Louisiana, Michigan and New York for COVID-19 assignments, and JetBlue is offering free flights to Cross Country Healthcare providers traveling to New York for COVID-19 assignments. If you plan to drive to your assignment, BP/Amoco Gas Stations are offering a one-time discount of 50 cents per gallon of gas to doctors, nurses and other hospital workers. Airbnb is offering free or subsidized housing for Cross Country Healthcare providers, and Choice Hotels and Marriott Hotels are offering similar discounts to healthcare providers in select cities.
At Cross Country Healthcare, we are working hard to keep our healthcare providers up to date on all of the latest COVID-19 news and its impact on them. Visit our COVID-19 Update and Resource Center for more information.

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