COVID-19 and Seasonal Flu: Preparing for a Potential Perfect Storm

Cross Country Healthcare
September 14, 2021 06:09 AM (GMT-04:00)

The impending influenza season is on the minds of healthcare leaders, and this year may be a difficult one. A recent not-yet peer-reviewed study predicts “a large compensatory influenza season in 2021-2 due to a light season in 2020-21” (Lee et al.). Given the potential of a patient caseload for seasonal flu running concurrently with the COVID-19 caseload, healthcare organizations will need to plan for a significant strain on the operational and staffing functions. Further, the two diseases may even result in a multiplier effect as the population most at risk of complications from seasonal flu are also those at highest risk from COVID-19.

This year’s flu season could quickly turn into a very challenging situation for our country's healthcare system. The critical need to plan now for a demanding, prolonged, and complex patient care event cannot be overlooked or underestimated.

As a trusted healthcare staffing partner to health systems and facilities around the country, Cross Country Healthcare conducted a 2020 survey of healthcare executives to uncover strategies to prepare for such an event. Download our report to learn more about how facilities and systems are preparing for this potential perfect storm.

Need staffing support to help you navigate the Delta surge and flu season? We are here to help.

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