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Cross Country Healthcare
Cross Country Healthcare
March 31, 2020 17:47 PM (GMT-04:00)
If there is one message that has been heard loud and clear as all Americans fight the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, it is the power of coming together – even as we practice social distancing. This global crisis is bringing out the very best of humanity, with people coming together to support one another in every possible way.
“At Cross Country Healthcare, we remain diligent in doing our part to support our clients and healthcare providers during this incredibly difficult time,” says Hank Drummond, Chief Clinical Officer at Cross Country Healthcare. “Ensuring we have the right clinicians in the right place at the right time has never been more vital than it is right now, as front-line workers are facing unprecedented levels of stress, anxiety, exhaustion and fear for their own health and that of their loved ones.”
Unfortunately, the demand for healthcare professionals was already close to peak levels before the arrival of COVID-19. As an increasing number of providers find themselves falling victim to the strain of long and stressful shifts, and to COVID-19 itself, we are also seeing a demand for additional resources to help care for patients in additional sites, pop-up facilities and more.
“There has never been a more valuable contribution being made by our healthcare providers than during this pandemic,” says Drummond. “The tremendous demands at the front-line require additional staff and resources to help step in to assist.”
There are several ways our talented healthcare providers are helping to support and partner with other front-line workers and hospitals:
Filling in for the infected.
With more than 3,000 doctors becoming infected in China and nearly 14% of Spain’s cases affecting medical professionals, it is only a matter of time before similar statistics characterize the U.S. In fact, we are already seeing the rate of infection among front-line workers increase by the day. We have engaged all of our brands and our network of providers to increase the supply of talent to help fill in for those affected.
Protecting the physical and mental wellbeing of front-line staff.
What front-line providers are being asked to do is necessary, but it is incredibly tough on many levels. These workers are under immense pressure, feeling anxious and working long hours. Hospitals are already pushing staff to the limit in an effort to keep enough doctors and nurses on call to respond to the pandemic. In fact, we saw in China high levels of stress and depression among healthcare workers responding to the outbreak.
Our healthcare providers are helping to ease these pressures as an additional resource to facilitate more rest periods for existing staff, reducing lengthy shift hours, allowing for opportunities for staff to mentally and physically take care of themselves and family care obligations, and ultimately reduce burnout during this time.
Helping to staff up to meet surge capacity. As more and more cities and states are transforming buildings into hospitals, securing alternate care facilities and erecting pop-up hospitals, the challenge will now be to find the additional providers to care for patients in these locations. Our dedicated travel nurses, locums tenens, local per diem nurses and advanced practitioners are going where they are needed to help answer the call.
“I want to personally thank our healthcare providers for making a real difference as we fight this pandemic together,” says Drummond. “The reality is many front-line providers are putting everything aside, from their safety to their mental wellbeing, to honor the commitment they made when they chose to dedicate their lives to medicine and patient care. We simply can’t thank them enough.”
If you’re a healthcare provider and would like to join in our efforts to support our client facilities, click here.

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