8 Ways to Show Your Healthcare Providers Your Appreciation This Holiday

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December 17, 2020 03:45 AM (GMT-04:00)

This year, it is particularly important to show healthcare providers and staff how much they are appreciated. Whether they are working on the frontlines or the sidelines, healthcare workers are under an incomparable amount of pressure this season. Here are 8 ways leaders can help celebrate their teammates during the holidays and show appreciation for their contributions, diligence, and dedication during this time:

  1. Establish a culture of work-life wellness. To help support your staff during these challenging times, consider setting up a wellness program , assembling a wellness committee, and adding a wellness page full of helpful resources to your organization’s website. Be sure to create opportunities for your providers to get support to process the impact of the year.
  2. Create quiet zones in your facility to give your team members places to take a break and recharge. One idea is to set up an area such as this “wellness pod,” which features a meditation room, bedrooms with private bathrooms, laundry and shower facilities, on-site access to licensed therapists for emotional support, puzzles and games, and an exercise area to meet employees’ needs.
  3. Bring in concierge services to make providers’ lives easier during the holidays. Consider ideas like onsite mini markets and gift-wrapping services, or perhaps, bring in a mobile car wash company or gas service. Another option is to schedule group exercise or yoga classes staff members can attend on site.
  4. Give letters of encouragement. Gather hand-written letters from the community, especially as encouragement for those on the frontlines. Mail holiday cards to your employees’ homes, leave greetings at their stations or desks, or send e-cards online.
  5. Decorate for the holidays. Post bright, cheerful, and colorful signage showing how much you love your staff along with decorations to celebrate the holidays. Don’t forget to include all religious and cultural holiday observances your team members celebrate.
  6. Celebrate with food and music. Bring in or order holiday foods. Perhaps feature a different culture or holiday one or two days of each week during the season. Play traditional music that is appropriate for each holiday occasion.
  7. Offer holiday VIP perks. Designate prime parking spots for providers during the holidays. Provide extended meal hours or add more breaks. Celebrate your VIPs on your organization’s social media pages.
  8. Use contingent labor to give your staff a rest during this high stress time. Evaluate your staffing levels. Can you bring in relief to help providers avoid burnout? Perhaps using locums professionals, or temporary or part-time staff can alleviate the burden on overworked team members.

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