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Bedside Talks | Part 3: The Top Three Reasons for Nurse Burnout

Join Hank Drummond, PhD, MDiv, BA, RN, Chief Clinical Officer for Cross Country Healthcare, and Debra Renna, PhD, RN, CNE for the next installment of our Bedside Talks WebEx series. Hank will be discussing the top three reasons for nurse burnout and how both healthcare facilities and providers can address these issues.

An aging population requiring increased care and constrained budgets in facilities nationwide have put nurses under pressure like never before. They are tired, stressed out and in some cases, fed up. This kind of stress is unhealthy for nurses and costly for hospitals, leading to sick days and fueling turnover. We asked nurses to tell us what factors could lead to burnout and hundreds of them responded. From staffing shortages to patient ratios and even patient disrespect and abuse, they let us know what was making their jobs more difficult. Join the discussion to share your experience and collaborate with us as we look at what causes nurse burnout and ways healthcare facilities can work combat it.

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Date: August 15, 2018
Time: 2pm - 2:45pm EST

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Dr. Hank Drummond will discuss how we can identify the causes of nurse burnout and what can be done to combat them and create a healthier, less stressful work environment.

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Our Presenters: 

About Hank Drummond, PhD, MDiv, BA, RN
Mr. Drummond holds the position of Chief Clinical Officer within the Cross Country Healthcare. His experience includes more than 25 years' of healthcare administration and a broad base of management expertise. His past leadership roles include executive and director level positions as Chief Nursing Officer, Nursing Administrator and Nurse Executive. He has also served as an University Instructor. Mr. Drummond's proficiency in balancing patient care with business efficiencies offers healthcare providers the added benefit of an innovative approach with cutting-edge technology solutions to meet the daily demands of healthcare delivery in a rapid changing environment. Mr. Drummond serves on numerous Boards and Advisory Boards giving advice and recommendations to meet the needs of patients to ensure safety.

About Debra Renna, PhD, RN, CNE

Ms. Renna is currently an Assistant Professor at Broward College’s RN-BSN Program. Some of the recent courses she has taught include Nursing Roles, Dimensions & Perspectives; Nurse as Scholar; Vulnerable Populations; Nursing Leadership; Nursing Theories; Nursing Research; Global Health; Community Health; and Nursing Capstone. Prior to her academic role, she served as an Administrative Nursing Supervisor after more than a decade as staff nurse. She is also a published contributing author and is affiliated with numerous professional societies, including the South Region Florida Action Coalition of the Florida Center for Nursing and the Florida Nurses Association. 


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