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Bedside Talks | Part 2: Safety and bullying in the clinical workplace.

Join Hank Drummond, PhD, MDiv, BA, RN, Chief Clinical Officer for Cross Country Healthcare’s second installment of our Bedside Talks WebEx series with commentary from Linda A. Simunek, JD, PhD, RN.. This time, Hank will discuss the serious issue of violence and bullying in the workplace and how to stay safe.

Safety and bullying in the work place should not be tolerated anywhere. However, a recent Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) report on workplace violence in healthcare highlights the magnitude of the problem: while 21 percent of registered nurses and nursing students reported being physically assaulted, over 50 percent were verbally abused (a category that included bullying) in a 12-month period. In addition, in the healthcare setting, 44 percent of nursing staff members have been bullied. Nurses tend to accept nurse-on-nurse bullying as part of the job, particularly the new or novice nurse. The impact of bullying behaviors on the organization are lower morale, lower productivity and increased absenteeism (due to physical, psychological and emotional harm), followed by rapid and increased turnover, which compromises patient safety.

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Wed, May 9, 2018
2pm — 2:45pm

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Dr. Hank Drummond will discuss how we can identify bullying, the safety concerns of the nurses and patients and how we can try to correct this behavior to create a more positive work environment.

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Our Presenters

About Hank Drummond, PhD, MDiv, BA, RN
Mr. Drummond holds the position of Chief Clinical Officer within the Cross Country Healthcare. His experience includes more than 25 years' of healthcare administration and a broad base of management expertise. His past leadership roles include executive and director level positions as Chief Nursing Officer, Nursing Administrator and Nurse Executive. He has also served as an University Instructor. Mr. Drummond's proficiency in balancing patient care with business efficiencies offers healthcare providers the added benefit of an innovative approach with cutting-edge technology solutions to meet the daily demands of healthcare delivery in a rapid changing environment. Mr. Drummond serves on numerous Boards and Advisory Boards giving advice and recommendations to meet the needs of patients to ensure safety.

About Linda A. Simunek, JD, PhD, RN.
Ms. Simunek is currently an Associate Attorney at Harry Rosen Law PA and the Associate Dean, Academic Affairs for Broward College. Ms. Simunek focuses her law practice on medical malpractice, personal injury, and, wrongful death. Prior to law school Linda worked as an operating room nurse at Norwegian-American Hospital, intensive care unit nurse at the VA Medical Center-Chicago, psychiatric nurse at Aventura Medical Center, and adjunct clinical researcher at VA Medical Center-Miami. She has also served as a member of the Research Committee at Cleveland Clinic, Weston. Linda also served as the founding dean for various nursing programs in the U.S. including Florida International University (FIU), Miami.

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